Total length of the earrings: 45cm
Earwires color: silver

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That is where my adventure with jewelry design began (have a look at my first collection from 2016). It’s form is abstract, exceptional and asymmetrical. I created the first Talisman during my journey through Bali. It’s been years since I wanted beautiful feather earrings, but couldn’t find any that matched the quality I was looking for. So… I crafted them myself. From this moment on, I was supported with superpowers whenever I needed them. And now these powers I want to share with you. Talisman- unique as your fingerprint. This is a project for women who love iconography, symbolism and strong accents. Are you one of them? Will you find a Talisman for yourself in the current collection? If not, I invite you to join me on the journey into creating your custom made piece.