“Promote the things you love”. I’ve been pinning my hair with wooden sticks for years and I’m in love with them. Same as with hair, we love to play with it. Our hair is, as if our feathers: Symbols of strength, femininity and sexuality. Therefore this careful collection came into existence, to emphasize its natural beauty without any damage done to your hair. Thanks to the stick, it’s very easy to embrace and create a romantic, super sexy mess around your head. Thin chains, straps and feathers hanging off the stick will capture and accentuate your sensual nature. You can transform the design by separating it into two pieces- You have the choice: 1. A hairstick dangle from your bun or 2. An earring, by attaching the featherchains to some earwires (see the gallery). So…are you hanging on? so…hang on, are you hanging? So… let’s hang!