What would it feel like to literally sit on a throne? Would you actually crown yourself as the queen or king of your life? The top of your head is a sacred spot. I invite you to crown yourself, a worthy outstanding Indian avatar. Did you know that for the Indians, rich feather headdresses were worn as protective talismans and stood for their achievements? It’s a special gift you can give yourself or a loved one. Frame your being, like a piece of art, with a shamanic crown. Because you’re a walking piece of art. Art is not only for museum walls. It wants to be seen everywhere! It wants to be present in your life. You can be who you want, dress what you want and wear the crown wherever you want. Its artistic expression and colors invite you to play with the world. Wearing your feather crown, your spine straightens, you become a cosmic phenomenon and attract a lot of attention and interest. Taking on who you truly are will empower you to achieve even greater achievements. Allow courage to take over.
The design is not only phenomenal but also practical. You will get a headpiece with a matching case and canvas, which will allow you to travel with it. When you are not wearing it, hang it off your wall in the heart of your apartment to remind you of great things.